Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy New Year, All!

Now that all of the hustle, bustle 
and general madness of the holiday season is over, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy and awesomely blessed New Year!  Lots of changes already- the website has been spruced up, so please come on by and check it out.  We're featuring a New Year's special on Red Sarimy premier limited edition print.  
It's huge, 24" x 36" and it's only $30.00 plus s/h.  Hey, it's a new year, and EVERYBODY NEEDS SOME NEW ART! 
She'd make a great Valentine's Day gift.

For those of you in the Dallas Metroplex, I will be teaching several classes during the spring semester through the Continuing Education program at Mountainview College in QUILTING and fiber manipulation techniques.  I am soooo excited because I have been looking forward to an opportunity to share this information for a long time.  My classes are listed under FUNtastic Education for Adults and they are for ages 18+.  The first one is coming up in February, and I'm really looking forward to it.
The descriptions and course numbers are as follows:

Art Quilts and Quick Primer on Elements of Design $20
ARTZ 1000 4 HRS
This class is designed to provide a quick, concise introduction to art quilting and to provide sources and resources for inspiration for quilters of all experience levels. Art quilting today is a wide open field that demands exploration. Students will begin a simple “quickie quilt” utilizing color and shape as
an introductory piece using an iron, fabric and heat and bond as a means of visual thinking. Min. Age: 18.

66601 9:00AM - 1:00PM S 3/24 MVC W220 Ritter-Perry

Art Quilts Printing Your Own Designs on Fabric $40
ARTZ 1000 9 HRS
This technique is great for personalizing your quilts and wall hangings! This class will discuss and demonstrate the basic “how-to’s” of creating iron-on fabric transfers; scanning images; and printing techniques. Fabrics that are suitable for this technique will also be discussed and demonstrated.
Students will be shown design possibilities for this versatile and fun medium as it relates to fabric quilts. Min. Age: 18.

66701 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM S 2/11 - 2/25 MVC W228 Ritter-Perry

Art Quilts Immersion Hand Dyeing Techniques $50
ARTZ 1000 12 HRS
Flower children, hippies, and Bohemians in general will love this throwback technique! Immersion hand dyeing is similar to tie-dye, but is great for art quilting because it is done on a small scale with minimal muss and fuss. It’s easy to do and the results will enhance the originality of your quilts. Once
the technique is mastered it can be applied to t-shirts, onesies, pants, whatever your heart desires. Min Age: 18.
66801 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM S 4/28 - 5/19 MVC W22 Ritter-Perry

More to come.  The pop-up markets should be starting up in a couple of months once the weather stabilizes, but stay tuned for a Trunk Show at my studio for those Valentine's Day goodies.  Go to the website and sign up for the newsletter if you're not on it already- you don't have to live in Dallas to take part in the giveaways and special online discount offers.  

So what's new for 2012?  The quilting bug has bitten me HARD- I have tons of sweet original designs that I developed back before Bruno was born (almost 7 years- Moms, you know how it is) that I plan to compile into a book and/or develop into a line of quilt and purse patterns that will be available for sale on my website and on Etsy.  I've got more one-of-a-kind purses and messenger bags in the mix, too.  I'm so mad that my clone hasn't come in yet!  Oh, just come on by the website and see what's new...LOL!