Friday, March 30, 2012

April is Autism Awareness Month

I just finished reading one of the autism awareness blogs and I am livid. One of the organizations that I have recently connected with to locate resources for Bruno has posted the new stats on autism prevalence.  The last research I located giving autism stats collected by the CDC were that one in 110 kids in the U.S. would be diagnosed with autism.  That was a year or so ago.  According to the article, the updated figure is now 1 in 88.

1 in 88.

In my earlier blogs I have discussed Bruno's diagnosis, and I had to revise the Kickstarter project several times in order to delete the facts.  No apologies or hidden agendas- my kid has this crap and I am doing everything in my power to ensure that he has as normal a life as possible.  But what is going on?!   Autism is not the "new normal".  My money is still on the vaccines that they pump into our babies nonstop.  Green vaccines or not, all I know is that my son was FINE and progressing beautifully until he was vaccinated at around 8 months- then things began to change.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ha Ha!!! The video's done!!!

Woo Hoo!!! There's a lot of excitement around here.  Thanks to Bruno's Auntie Nichelle for the use of her Flip camera!  We finished the video last night, prayed over it for its success and sent it off to Kickstarter.  We are  hoping to go live with the project on Thursday, March 15.  Yay!  So this week I will be updating, updating and doing more the Caprichos Studio website, the Life in Brunoland page on Facebook, and preparing to Tweet and looking for whatever other resources that I can to get the word out about the project.

Spring break just started for us (4:15 p.m. last Friday, to be exact!) and I finally had enough time to jump into this.  I was so bummed that it rained all weekend because I was really looking forward to the show at Whole Foods.  I'm going to do it this coming Sunday March 18, and more info is coming on that one.  This week is gonna be a busy one- getting caught up with stuff around the house, getting Bruno psyched about our project (he is drawing up a storm, practicing!) and planning on activities to keep him from getting bored.  I can relate to that, that's part of why I'm a multitasker.  It's supposed to be in the 80s today, so we will go outside and practice riding our bike, and maybe go for ice cream or to Souper Salad later.  We got a DVD with 300 Looney Tunes cartoons, some of them go back to 1937.  A lot of Porky Pig and Elmer Fudd stuff that doesn't even look familiar-nothing like the cartoons that I grew up looking at.  Gonna go out hunting for purse snaps later on when I take the boy to speech and OT.  Too many new ideas.  Ok, People are starting to get up and are looking for breakfast.  Gotta go!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Update to the Whole Foods Show

Well, the week started out warm and inviting, and now as we anxiously await the weekend the temps are dropping and it is COLD.  The weatherfolk are predicting rain ALL WEEKEND LONG.  There's been an update on the show this weekend at Whole Foods.  The Whole Foods Craft Fair will go on, but unfortunately due to the wet weather that's forecasted this weekend Caprichos Studio won't be in the lineup. 
An additional day has been added for this Craft Show and benefit for the Whole Planet Prosperity Campaign. It will be Sunday, March 18, 10a.m.-8.p.m.  Caprichos Studio will be in attendance with lots of new purses, freshwater pearl jewelry and other goodies.  I'll see you then!

Friday, March 2, 2012

March 10-11 Whole Foods Patio Show

It’s March 10th and 11th from 10a until 8p on the patio at the Whole Foods Market in Lakewood!

2118 Abrams Road
Dallas, TX 75214 USA

map, directions & nearby stores
Phone 214-824-1744
Store Hours are 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

 I love this store- I lived in the Lakewood area of Dallas when I first moved here in 1997, and located in a really pretty, historic part of town.  If you live in the DFW Metroplex come on by- 20% of vendor profits will benefit the Whole Planet Foundation . The Whole Planet Foundation's mission is poverty alleviation through microcredit in communities worldwide that supply Whole Foods Market stores with products.

By that time we will be almost into the Life in Brunoland project (, and you will be able to see the type of artwork that I plan to include on display.  It will be available for purchase, too.

Hope to see you there!