Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Work!!! Life in Brunoland

Bruno's logo for The Life in Brunoland Project

Well, making art with a busy 6 almost 7 year old is more than just a notion.  We are more than halfway through the project, and are almost 1/3 of the way funded.  It's been fun- I have learned a lot about my son, man, he is DEDICATED.  As soon as John gets him home from school, he's pulled out the sketch paper and declares that he needs to make some art.  I am loving it.  Man, he's more dedicated than I am- he draws when he gets home, does homework, eats supper and draws while watching qubo.  He's really into aliens, space ships and friends right now and the images that are coming soon will reflect that.  I just love the one above, though.  It even looks like him!  Here are a few of my contributions to the project.

All is Well



The Gathering

The Right Way


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Burning Questions...

I just got turned on to Danielle LaPorte's website and it got me thinking.  The burning question was raised:  How do you describe what you do? 

Here goes!

I’m an artist.  My brand is all about creating handmade ooak artifacts from what I call “the rich and textured life”.  My goods are inspired by the folk art traditions from Africa, South Asia and Japan.   I create precious and semiprecious handcrafted jewelry, art quilts, dolls and wall adornments, paintings (representational and abstract), drawings and silkscreen prints.  Occasionally there are a few eclectic mixed-media pieces that are thrown into the mix for good measure.   I’m currently developing a side line called Proverbs 30 ONE woman which is a kinda funky, urban- inspired concept that’s a “one-world vibe”  extension of Caprichos Studio.  My main products with Proverbs 30 ONE Woman at present are original handcrafted, ooak purses made from unique and collectible fabrics and trinkets from my special stash that I’ve been accumulating for the last 20 or so years.  
The name Caprichos Studio comes from a conversation with a grad school roommate from Colombia who got a care package from home filled with “caprichos” as she called them- goodies, keepsakes, knickknacks and the like.  Most people associate the word caprichos with “caprichuda”, the Spanish word used to describe someone who is very high maintenance and difficult.  Nah.  Caprichos, or the term “un capricho” can be used to describe having a yen or hankering for something.  Gotta have it.  That’s what customers have told me over the years!  The font for my logo resembles Hindi script, and is inspired by my burning desire to go to India one day to do missions work and to buy a bunch of salwar kameezes and block-printed fabric for quilts.  Proverbs 30 ONE is inspired by the wife of noble character described in the 31st chapter of Proverbs in the Bible.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Bunny Cake

Ha ha, haven't done this for awhile.  Two layers, about 7" high.  Red velvet on the bottom, lemon on the top, almond and vanilla cream cheese icing.  Yum.  Too rich.  Took some to my sister around the corner, John has hit it, I have had a couple of slivers (really!), and Bruno hasn't touched it yet.  He  might get a sliver tonight.  Gonna put a chunk of this baby in the deep freeze for when we need a sweet fix.  Too much sweet stuff in the house!!!